Resistance to antibiotics and the bioresonance method

Alexander A. C. Rijsberman, Qualified Naturopath, Baar, Switzerland

Multi-resistance is one particular form of antibiotic resistance. We are talking about micro-organisms that have in effect become resistant to almost all antibiotics and virostatic agents. These are known as MRP or Multi-Resistant Pathogens.
In May 2014, the WHO (World Health Organization) published a wake-up call in a medical journal. The headline read: WHO raises the alarm. Antibiotic resistance is present everywhere. Wake-up call: even minor injuries that have been treated effectively for decades may now prove fatal.
According to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General — Health Security at the WHO in Geneva, the threat is imminent and affects people of all ages and in all countries. In the article, Dr. Fukuda calls for more intensive research in the field of antibiotic resistance. Time is short because third-generation antibiotics are failing to treat gonorrhoea, for instance. Worldwide, ther...

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