Recognize somatoform disorders with the BICOM BodyCheck and treat them successfully

Norbert Lindner, alternative practitioner

Dear colleagues, in today's speech, I would like to demonstrate to you how you can di┬Čagnose and treat somatoform disorders.

First, let's take a look at what the official description from the WHO reveals to us:

Somatoform disorders are physical complaints that are not, or not sufficiently, at┬Čtributable to an organic illness or are characterised by an intense fixation on physical (somatic) symptoms that lead to considerable suffering and/or impair daily life.

Throughout life, it is normal to experience physical discomfort from time to time: 80 per cent of the population report temporary physical discomfort without a clear or-ganic cause. Most of the time, the discomfort resolves itself and is barely noticed by most people.

On the downside, it is also not rare for someone with symptoms to see a therapist and not manage to determine an organic cause - studies have shown that this is the case for approx. 20 per cent of patients.


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