Presently discussed hypotheses on the nature of bioenergetic information

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Kreisl, Erding

In general the quality of any scientific discussion depends on the quality of the definition of the terms (termini) used to describe the facts under discussion.
A description of different scientific hypotheses on the phenomenon of bioenergetic information systems therefore demands an unambiguous clarification of the terms „biological energy" or „biological information".
According to the laws of thermodynamics (originally developed to provide the physical basis on which steam engines work), living organisms are open systems. In this connection „open" means that energy as well as substances is exchanged with the environment.
The fundamental laws of thermodynamics are summarised in the so called basic principles of thermodynamics. The first of these concerns the amount of energy in our universe. It states that the amount of energy is constant. Energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. This means ...

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