Preparing Horse for race

Protocol to prepare horses for competition:

Support circulation, heart, muscles with 5 Element Test Set, so that the weaknesses are taken care of. On a hot day, running the circulation program is very helpful.  In the preset programs, increasing the oxygen is also good for a racehorse.  It also helps to talk to the Jockey, who knows the horse. Additionally support the bones with horses for a jumping competition.

When a horse is known to shy, use a psychological frequency program and put it on a chip and on minerals. The horse should take the drops before the tournament and wear the chip during the competition.

BICOM recipe for ticks:

Program 999

Input beaker:        Ledum X200, Sulfur X30 und ticks from this season from the different areas

Output beaker:     bottle with liquid where you can count drops

If you need at the same time drops also against fleas, mosquitoes, etc. simply add those animals into the input beaker.

Supporting in case of acute horse injuries:

Apply the magnetic field

use programs for tissue process acute, sports injuries and wound healing