Pre- and post-treatment of vaccinations with the BICOM Bioresonance Method

The topic of vaccinations is discussed very controversially in public. As a BICOM® bioresonance therapist, you are in a great position to prepare patients for the necessary vaccinations and to divert possible vaccination stress.


2 to 3 days before the vaccination

1. Basic therapy
2. Program sequence 10093 “Liver detoxification“
3. Program 991.2 “Vaccination damage, correction/preparing for a vaccination” (You need the vaccine for this program.)
4. Program 3053.0 “Regulate the immune system”

Post vaccination

10 to 12 days after the vaccination

1. Basic therapy
2. Program sequence 10075 “Vaccination damage, to balance”
3. Program 657.0 “Immune system, stabilize” (newest BICOM optima® device)
4. Elimination of the vaccine with program sequence 11311 (You must have the vaccine!)

For this therapy, the vaccine should be placed in the input cup with the modulation mat on the patient ́s back.

Program sequence 10075 “Vaccination damage, to balance” and program 428.1 “Vaccination damage, supporting” can also help to support treating vaccine stress. In addition, the deep frequency program for treatment of shock (3095.0) will activate the thymus and help to defend against and process the vaccination experience. (Program 428 can also be used with the BICOM 2000).

If you have the BICOM CTT test kit “Vaccines, Metals and Miscellaneous” then you can test the grey ampules with program 191.0. The ampules can then also be used for treatment with program 197.0. Time and amplification should be tested each time.

The pink stabilising ampules “Eliminate vaccination”, “off set vaccination damage”, “post vaccinal complications”, “improve tolerance” and “avoid secondary complications” are tested with program 192.0 and used within the therapy with program 198.0. Again time and amplification should be tested each time.

Tip: The stabilisation ampules can also be used in channel 2, whilst therapy for vaccine elimination is running in channel 1.

Therapy can also be effective even if the energetically tested vaccine load was caused by a vaccine which was administrated in the past.

Attention: The state of the elimination organs and other therapy protocol steps should still be followed in addition to the above therapy recommendations. An appropriate basic therapy should accompany the patient, as well as elimination and blockage programs.