Practice study of Bicom 2000

Karl Friedrich Potthoff, non-medical practitioner, Munster

Start of the study: 30.12.1999
End of the study: 31.03.2000
Number of treatments: 400
On 31.12.1999 I started with the BICOM® 2000 study. I had high expectations but at the same time felt a certain amount of scepticism.
I lost my scepticism after a very short time. It changed into a growing enthusiasm since my expectations were surpassed by far.
Until now, BICOM® therapy had succeeded in only marginally improving the complaints of many chronically ill patients. However, a single treatment with the new BICOM® 2000 clearly improved their symptoms. Since both traditional medical (scientific) treatment and a whole series of naturopathic treatment attempts previously proved unsuccessful for most of them, I found this reaction fascinating. During the treatment itself some of my patients with experience of the previous BICOM® instrument noticed that they reacted quite differently and mentioned it to me imm...

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