Practical tumour therapy with consideration for the internal milieu using BRT

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Ladies and gentlemen,
I should like to report a number of fundamental observations made over the past year while dealing with tumour therapy and in my daily work with tumour patients.

I have to say right at the outset that the notion which had already emerged from testing with the „KurzBalc" (Baklayan's short circuit)' and the resulting conclusions was, in my mind, increasingly being reinforced. The crux of this notion was that the tumorous process is an independent process in the patient which, I am increasingly convinced, eludes the universally applicable rules of energetic testing and therefore considerable caution should be exercised in any statement ruling out a diagnosis of „cancer". What I mean by this is simply the following:
While the inspired approach offered by Crosslinked Test Technique, element testing and subsequent meridian testing can solve the most complex cases, where patients exhibit an...

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