Dr. Özlem Kiran, Istanbul, Turkey
To say “We can’t do anything for you”, are difficult words to proclaim for doctors and bitter news for the patient. Unfortunately, I lived this kind of experience after a traffic accident in 2003. My spine was fractured. Thoracic vertebrae 4-5-6 had to be operated. My operation was wonderful. My doctors were the best. But something went wrong. After surgery we started rehabilitation. At that time, due to a wrong movement, cervical dislocation of C 5-6 occurred. Then diaphragma palsy occurred. A second operation was necessary. Many therapies, lots of drugs, a lot of rehabilitation but still I was very sick. At that time I became acquainted with bioresonance therapy. Then my doctor, who was interested in my pulmonary disease, told me that we couldn’t make anything about it. “I will be healthy. I don’t know how but I will be healthy”, I answered her. I began my job three months after starting bioresonance therapy, getting better and better ...

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