Orthomolecular substances: sensible use during Bicom treatment

Marianne Thalmann, BICOMĀ® Therapist, Gatingen, Switzerland

I am sure there is no need to go into metabolic processes in detail in such eminent company as this. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss a few basic points in relation to my presentation on orthomolecular medicine in conjunction with bioresonance.

Our bodies are characterised and controlled by metabolism, which plays a fundamental role in the human body and bodily functions. Various essential circuits are governed by metabolic processes. Minerals, trace elements and vitamins, etc. are absorbed and distributed throughout the body where they produce energy and sustain life. We all know how vital these processes are and how drastic metabolic disorders can be. Experience has shown that virtually ALL chronic illnesses are accompanied by severe to very severe metabolic disruption. This may well be due to (often only minor)

deficiencies persisting over a number of decades. Initially dormant, these de...

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