Old/new practical experiences. New programmes from Mrs Karz (Crete)

Karin Heine, non-medical practitioner, Munich

Nothing is as constant as change! This is also true of old BICOM® therapists like me.
I am thankful and glad to have the opportunity of using „our therapy system". (I started using it 15 years ago.) I regard it as a privilege for us to be leaders in a relatively new therapy, because the future belongs to information therapy, resonance therapy. Frequencies are everywhere, also in a negative sense: consider for instance the electrosmog caused by cell phones. This is something which we should never neglect during testing.
After many years in practice with many advanced training courses and some innovations, a certain routine becomes established in any practice, a routine necessary for survival. Sometimes a certain therapy fatigue creeps in, and perhaps we even feel overworked and worn out. All of us in the health services do occasionally suffer from helper syndrome with symptoms of exhaustion. At first there are small signs,...

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