Nutrient point therapy for susceptibility to infections and colds

We recommend the following tried and tested programme settings to increase the
resistance to infections:

1. Basic therapy
2. Possibly treatment of the elimination organs and therapy blockages
3. Program sequence 10005 “Resistance, increase the powers of” possibly also 3003.0
und 570.1 (for stabilizing the immune system) + substance complex “Increase the
powers of resistance”

For treating a cold, we also recommend the following programme settings:

1. Basic therapy
2. 3053.0 PAUSE 421.1, 500.4 (applicator settings according to display) + substance
complex “TCM cold” (in BICOM optima B32, B34 or BM34)

An additional therapy option is the balancing of prominent nutrient points. Nutrient point
therapy points goes back to the teachings of naturopath Sissi Karz and enables the balancing
of the surface projection zones of the skin in relation to nutrient utilization. By regulating
these points, nutrient absorption and utilization is optimised. The points can be painful to
pressure or characterised by a numb feeling. Ideally, the points are tested kinesiologically or
with the use of a biotensor.

Kinesiology: The point is localized and a kinesiological muscle test is carried out. If the
muscle is weak, then there is a need for therapy.

Biotensor: The tensor is connected to the gold finger. With this the point is localised. The
tensor is held in the patient’s field and a separating movement of the tensor indicates that
the point should be treated.

Common points to test for susceptibility to infections and colds are:

  • Vitamin C point 13.0 – middle lower edge of left clavicle
    Program 360.3
  • Vitamin B12 point – left costal arch, four QF below tip of sternum
    Program 826.0
  • Riboflavin point – Lower inner angle between clavicle and sternum
    Program 801.1
  • Copper point – Midway between navel and left lateral upper edge of ilium
    Program 230.3
  • Zinc point – centrally between the navel and the right, lateral upper edge of the ilium
    Program 600.2


Therapy is carried out via the BICOM device and the indicated programmes. The nutrient
point is used as the input via the knob applicator or adhesive applicator. The output is the
modulation mat.

A suitable nutrient ampule can be added to the input cup of channel 2.

We wish you much success in implementing our tips!