Nocebo effect: Every word is important

Dr. med. Thomas Heller, Medical Practitioner, Bad Schwalbach, Germany
In my role as a medical psychotherapist I only work with words as a rule, so it goes without saying that I am always mindful of words and what is said. However, my patients regularly relay to me comments and quotes made by my medical colleagues which make me shudder. So much good can be done with words, but unfortunately the opposite is also true. Behind many of these remarks I can of course often recognise the good intentions, but as is true in all aspects of life, good intentions do not always make for good results. But don’t worry, dear colleagues – I am not trying to tell you how to do your jobs or upbraid you in any way. On the contrary, my aim is to encourage you to improve on the healing methods you already use by using simple verbal communication tools. When I think of the effect that negative remarks can have in my practice, it seems clear to me that plenty of positive comments are made there too.
Words co...

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