New ways of looking at allergic diathesis and establishing links with our allergy therapy, autoaggression diseases and tumours

Martin Keymer, Naturopath, Emsdetten
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
In my paper this year I would like to summarise our findings over the past year regarding our body's immunological deficiencies as defined using Crosslinked Test Technique.
This paper will mainly focus on the subject of allergic diathesis, allergic responsiveness. New structures are evident here which are much more far reaching than those of us who work with Crosslinked Test Technique would have thought even a year ago. First of all, allow me to give you a few ideas to get you started, particularly those of you who are still new to these amazing methods and those of you who have yet to use Cross-linked Test Technique.

When I first started using bioresonance therapy back in 1982, I was immediately fascinated by the amazing opportunity it afforded to treat patients with their own oscillations. At that time, only a small number of my colleagues had worked with BRT and not much was known about th...

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