New options for the treatment of young children

Pavia Koieluhova, MD Fontana s.r.o. — Centre for Holistic Care, General practitioner for children and youth, Pilsen, Czech Republic

The essential principles of treating small children using the BICOM BICOM optima® bioreso­nance device are the same as with adults.

The therapy is faster as children are not so "blocked" as adults.

The therapy has to be faster because children would not sit e.g. 2 hours on the BICOM.

On the other hand, my experience is that if they receive a correct treatment, they sit very quietly — even those with ADHD — which is very surprising for the mothers.

The youngest child treated in my practice was a 5-days old newborn with neonatal jaundice where there was a risk of repeated stay and phototherapy at the hospital.

The oldest child was a 98-years-old man (he used to be a child once) and therefore he continues to visit his "paediatrician".

Most patients are tested by means of EAV — there is a great advantage of quantitative as well as qualitat...

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