New experiences with low deep frequencies and the second channel

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Simone Maquinay, Aachen, Germany 

At last year’s conference we reported on our experience with new treatment principles involving a new prototype of the BICOM® device. Shortly afterwards we acquired the new BICOM® BICOM optima® and this was followed by a settling in period as we got to grips with the new way of working. We have since boosted our experience with many new patients, investigated further and shared best practices with other experienced therapists. We would like to pass on a few ideas and share our experiences to date with you.

We have since seen a number of reports from therapists detailing their experiences in the low deep frequency range, which we can corroborate from experience in our own practice.
We have received particularly good feedback about the new treatment programs entered by Frau Karz in the fields of Organ therapy, Pain therapy, Immune modulation, Hormone regulation and Treatment blocks. Table 1 summarises the mo...

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