Navigating complex hormone disorders with Bioresonance


Simple Protocols for Great Clinical Outcomes

A well-functioning hormone network is a wonderful thing. However, when it malfunc­tions, there can be significant consequences, particularly for women. “I am a hopeless little ball of pain and suffering all day.” “I feel like a nutcase.” “I feel like I’m out of con­trol, on a downward spiral.” These quotes from my female patients demonstrate the all-powerful effects that hormonal conditions can have, leaving a woman feeling totally out of control in her own body and mind. For hormone-related conditions, conventio­nal medicine offers few solutions: synthetic hormones and antidepressants are the most commonly used strategies, neither of which address the underlying drivers, and can be associated with risks of their own.

Hormonal dysfunction occurs for the same reason as all other imbalances in the body – stress, poor dietary choices, genetic predisposition, lifestyle and environmental expo­sures. This manifests as many drivers ...

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