My observations on Bicom 2000

Andrea Beike, non-medical practitioner, Greven

Dear colleagues!
As you have already heard, there is a new BICOM® 2000. It combines the proven BICOM® 4.4 with magnetic frequency patterns and micro impulse therapy. I was asked to test the new instrument in my busy practice at the beginning of this year.
I used BICOM® 2000 with a healthy amount of scepticism, but also curiosity, on the following clinical pictures:

acute vaginitis
pain in the knee
as preparation for chiropractic
vegetative dystonia
skin diseases
colitis ulcerosa
acute allergy attacks.

More than 150 patients in total were treated with BICOM® 2000. The application parameters were always tested individually with all three of the bioenergetic test methods. I wish to tell you about some cases.

Case 1
Female patient aged 63, serious pain in the knee for the past 2 months. We did a metabolic treatment, programme 530, for only 4 minutes, plus...

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