Multiple sclerosis: Drug-free — a possibility with bioresonance?

Esther Roder, Naturopath
What is multiple sclerosis (MS)?
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the central nervous system (CNS), through which the components of the nerve fibres are destroyed — as well as myelin, also known as the myelin sheath.

They become inflamed and can harden permanently, so that the nerve's function —namely, the redirection of information and commands — is disrupted. The body itself is responsible for this destruction, as it sets the immune system on its own, healthy cells for reasons that are yet unknown.

Therefore, MS is described as an auto-immune disease (auto = self).

Without drugs - made possible without medically-advised therapy?

Ultimately, only the subjects themselves can decide, want or agree to this.

As they often lack trust in their own bodies when they are diagnosed or if they are in an acute phase, the subjects mostly choose medical support to be able to get out of this physical/emotional low as soon as possible...

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