Multiple Sclerosis – does this diagnosis have to spell doom?

Christiane Herrmann, naturopath, Berlin, Germany
Multiple sclerosis
(Encephalomyelitis disseminata)
In this lecture I should like to demonstrate my methods of operating and show you how, as a therapist, you can significantly alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis using bioresonance therapy.

However, beforehand I should like to point out that, as with all autoimmune disorders, an important principle should be borne in mind when treating MS patients: LESS is MORE! It is recommended to carry out no more than 3 programs per therapy session, especially at the start of the treatment series. You can also find information on this in the computer manual under the heading “Important information for users.” Therapists basically need to have a good grasp of the biophysical
test method so that priorities, as well as amplification, can be tested out.

Alongside epilepsy, multiple sclerosis is one of the commonest neurological diseases. It is regarded as incurable and is one of the inf...

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