Monitor the progress of therapy easily using ear acupuncture points

Dr. med. Barbara Irmler, Medical Practitioner, Munich, Germany
Bioresonance offers sophisticated methods for detecting various types of intolerance – including pollen allergies and food intolerance – as well as stressors such as toxins, fungi, viruses and bacteria.
In daily practice we mostly treat patients who are chronically sick. Our naturopathic therapy is often seen as the “last resort” after all conventional methods (those covered by medical insurance) have been exhausted and failed to deliver a satisfactory outcome.
With chronically sick, often multimorbid patients we usually detect a whole range of different stresses and intolerances. Such findings are obtained using binary bioenergetic test methods: The tensor oscillates vertically or horizontally, testing as “yes” or “no”. In kinesiology the muscle tests as either strong or weak. When measuring with pulse diagnosis according to Nogier, the ACR is either positive or negative. These are in effect binary systems that can conf...

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