Migraines and headaches

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, Izmir, Turkey
Dear colleagues and bioresonance friends,
We are together again here for the 53rd International BICOM® bioresonance congress. I would like to start with thanking Mrs. and Mr. Brügemann who provided me this opportunity for the last three years and Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey for her tremendous contributions to my vocational growth. I am at the opinion that they are commendable.
In case there are some colleagues who have not attended the congress before, I would like to state that I made a presentation about cancer two years ago and about epilepsy diseases last year. On the other hand, this year I prepared a speech on headache and migraine. First of all, let’s have a look at headache diseases and especially migraine.

Headache is one of the most common medical complaints people observe. Generally, pain is a feeling which is observed by carriage of stimulations formed by chemical and mechanical incidents around pain receptors (nociceptors). The ...

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