Meridian therapy in the low deep frequency range

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Limburg, Germany and
Olle Swensson, Hertered Ekebo, Sweden

Meridian therapy is a tried and tested, successful therapy method in the normal frequency range and has been used by therapists for many years. The successes with the new programs in the low deep frequency range and the options from the symmetrical amplification sweep gave us the idea to apply meridian therapy in the low deep frequency range too in order to make the most of the new options offered by the BICOM BICOM optima® device.
The following programs were identified and tested on numerous patients both with the tensor technique and also EAV (Voll’s electroacupuncture). Therapy success was ascertained by direct testing of the EAV points subsequent to therapy and by surveying patients on average one week after therapy about any improvement in their symptoms. In addition the results were verified with the help of the CTT 5 element test set.

The procedure for testing and therapy

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