Menopausal syndrome – successful treatment with bioresonance

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

Over 70% of all women suffer relatively serious endocrine and vegetative symptoms during the transition from sexual maturity to the menopause. Now that hormone replacement therapy is coming in for increasing criticism due to its not insignificant sideeffects, a growing number of women are asking their gynaecologists, GPs and therapists for alternative forms of treatment. A range of food supplements
(e.g. soya extract), phytotherapeutic agents (often with phyto hormones) and homeopathic remedies, both individual and in complex form, are available, which are highly effective. It is often necessary to take these preparations for months, if not years. Excellent results can also be achieved in this area with bioresonance without the need for medication and often with longlasting results.
This example can also demonstrate that, depending on the structure of the practice and the needs of the patients, positive results can be obtained bot...

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