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Andrew Wrensch


Having studied metaphysics, meditation and mindfulness with the Modern Mystery School for the past 5 years, we had built a healing practice in the north of London with a focus on energetic healing. We wanted to expand our offering to our existing client base and at the same time, engage in a new clientele and market for new and fresh reasons. One of our practitioners had received bioresonance treatments for a few reasons and the therapies had been successful so it was natural for us to investigate further and grow an interest in Bioresonance and so Pure Bioresonance was born.

We bought the Bicom2000 device and after doing the basic training have been seeing a number of clients and slowly but steadily growing our clientele.

Pure Bioresonance is 3 practitioners, one with a focus in admin, one with a focus in medical care and quality of care and myself, with a focus business development, management and marketing (as was my office job for 13 years before becoming a full time healer and bioresonance practitioner)



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Andrew Wrensch


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