Macular degeneration

Brigitte Jonczyk, Naturopath, Rastede, Germany
Fellow members of the Brügemann family, fellow bioresonance therapists,
Six years ago I took over a naturopathy practice specialising in bioresonance therapy. This practice has a history of over 30 years of bioresonance therapy. Today, we are working with 8 bioresonance devices including 3 BICOM BICOM optima® and 5 BICOM 2000 devices.
I am constantly discovering patients who have been diagnosed with “age-related macular degeneration”, so a few years ago I started to find out more about this widespread eye disease. Bioresonance therapy has meanwhile become a key feature of our therapy programs and is also used in the treatment of this condition.
Macular degeneration develops over many years, virtually without any symptoms. The end stage is characterised by a marked, rapid deterioration in eyesight, possibly culminating in total blindness. One promising treatment approach is based on a combination of conventional and complementary medicine. ...

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