Lung cancer: New prospects for treatment

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, Doctor, Izmir, Turkey

My dear colleagues and bioresonance friends;
We are together in the 54th international BICOM® bioresonance congress. I especially thank Mr and Ms Brugemann for giving me a chance to speak. Besides, I thank Sissi Karz for her great efforts in the cancer treatment protocol and Dr Zeynep Karabey for her support and informing us about all developments and innovations of bioresonance.
This year I would like to talk about primary and metastatic lung cancer and its treatment through BICOM® bioresonance. As you know, during my speech in the previous years,
I mentioned the BICOM® bioresonance treatment of my mother who had peritoneum cancer, and my sister who experienced inflammatory type breast cancer when she was pregnant for 32 weeks. I have been receiving e-mails concerning this matter so I would like to state that my mother and sister are in the 5th year and at full remission. Even, my sister has given birth to her second baby. Before sharing m...

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