Life – resonating theatre

Dr. phil. Ludwig Hasler, Philosopher, Zollikon, Switzerland
Some time around 1950 Wolfgang Pauli, the prominent physicist, was visiting Niels Bohr, the even more prominent physicist, at his home in Denmark. He noticed a horseshoe hanging over the door. “Professor!” he exclaimed. “You? Surely you don’t believe in that sort of thing? “Of course I don’t believe in it,” replied Bohr. “But I understand it brings you luck whether you believe in it or not.”
Does the same go for bioresonance? For experiencebased alternative medicine in general? Does it work even if you don’t believe in it? Or only if you believe in it? Because you believe in it?
Just like other disciplines, medicine relies on the selfevidence of its doctrines. It can’t turn philosophical with every tricky case, like Pontius Pilate: “What is truth?” Otherwise it would never get anything done. Questioning – what is true, what is real? What’s the point of pain – and why me? This questioning is annoying, kid’s stuff. At some po...

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