Is promising tumour therapy possible in spite of unavoidable traditional medical interventions?

Martin Keymer, non-medical practitioner, Emsdetten

The tumour diagnosis and tumour therapy system developed by me has been tested and has proven itself during the last seven years. It is definitely useful to demonstrate its possibilities and limits and to discuss our most important experiences and findings within the framework of this colloquium. As I made clear in my last two papers on this subjectl ' 2 , it was to be expected from the start that changes in the way one looks at things and changes in the therapy system would occur when practical experiences on a wide basis were available. This proved to be true. Here I wish to thank those of you who have helped not only by using this diagnosis and therapy system in your practice, but by reporting your experiences to me. Only this basic attitude of communication with each other and constructive criticism, but also of enthusiastic suggestions, enables us to understand more of the unbelievably functioning mechanism of th...

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