Interfering fields in the sleeping space: Investigation and solutions

Dr. Hans Schwarz, MD, FMH for General Medicine, Luzern, Switzerland


     1.1.    The significance of interference fields for chronically ill patients

In our patient population, 56 % of the chronically ill patients have a geopathic and/or e-smog exposure at their place of sleep.

If we take into account that we are in repair mode at night and the communication between our body cells is 1018 times weaker than during daylight according to Prof. Popp, it is easy to understand how geopathic and electromagnetic interference radia­tion can complicate our night-time regeneration in the long run. This consequently promotes the development of chronic diseases. Compared to most of the other stres­ses known to us from the “barrel model”, finding and remediating these interference fields is usually not very complex.

This should encourage us to look into this issue. Whether we delegate the solution or take it into our own hands is of less importance.

     1.2.   Baron v...

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