Integration of bioresonance methods – Experience from a financial viewpoint

Dr. med. Cordula Ahrens, Specialist in Paediatric Medicine, Greifswald

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to share with you at this Congress my experience of using bioresonance therapy.
As a GP based in Greifswald I have been offering BICOM bioresonance therapy privately at my practice since June 2003 in conjunction with my general practice work. I had been looking for an effective alternative method of treatment after experiencing the limitations of conventional medicine when treating children with allergies.
As I’m sure is the case for many other beginners, the main issue facing me was how to integrate bioresonance into my practice hours alongside my normal GP work. Another problem was how to finance bioresonance therapy in a region with few privately insured patients or people paying for their own treatment, relatively high unemployment and practice earnings from patients covered under statutory health-care which are always difficult to predict. It...

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