Integrating the eight extraordinary meridians in bioresonance therapy 

Dr. Sabine Rauch, Limburg, Germany 

In addition to the main meridians in Chinese medicine, the extraordinary meridians, also known as miraculous meridians, form additional energy pathways (secondary meridians), composed of sections or points of the main meridians and performing a kind of coordinating role in the overall meridian system. According to traditional belief their task is to distribute around the body the ancestral energy originating in the kidneys and suprarenal glands.

Their use is clinically indicated primarily with therapyresistant and recurrent pain and chronic disorders involving dysfunction. In my opinion they are also outstandingly effective when combined with BICOM® therapy in treating chronic and autoimmune disorders where two or more elements are disturbed, as they perform a coordinating role resulting in the element or meridian disturbance being corrected more rapidly.

There are eight extraordinary meridians, with each two with the same function (Yin or Y...

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