Insights from research and practice

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing
Because I am looking at a variety of different aspects in my presentation, I will firstly give you a brief overview of what to expect.
1. Significance of the bioresonance method today
2. Scientific work on the phenomena of electromagnetic oscillations in organisms
3. New books on the bioresonance method in German and English
4. New forum for all members of the Bioresonance Method International Medical Working Group
5. All Congress papers from the past 25 years together on one CD
6. New software programs
7. Summary and outlook
Dear Congress participants,
It is some 35 years since I first started publicising the bioresonance method back in 1978. So how much progress has been made since then?

1. Significance of the bioresonance method today
Selected quotes from a text published in the Medical Tribune help shed light on its significance.
In the German-speaking world alone some 4,429 doctors and 2,228 naturopaths work with the bioresonance method. 8...

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