Information — the universal building block of the Universe?

Hans Brugemann, founder REGUMED

Dear congress participants,

For the participants who have just started using the bioresonance method, here are a few words about me. At the start of the bioresonance method there were three peo­ple involved.

First, it was Dr. Morell, who had the ingenious idea to use the body's own vibrations for diagnosis and therapy; then the technician Erich Rasche, who developed the first device (the MORA device) for bioresonance therapy; and, finally, I was the one who took up the method, let it evolve, and made its known worldwide. I led the bioreso­nance methodology movement for almost 40 years.

In 2015, at the age of 90, I switched from management to retirement. Last year my topic was:

A Bridge Between Quantum Physics and Bioresonance Therapy

The quintessence of my presentation two years ago was the recommendation to add the term information to the name of our method. Making the new name

Bioresonance Information Method (BIM)

The addition o...

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