Individual pain therapy using the body’s own information

Simone Maquinay, Aachen
Pain therapy using the BICOM device is one of the most rewarding forms of treatment, if successful. The patient comes to the practice in pain and within a short period of time (hours, days or weeks) the pain has been alleviated and in many cases has disappeared altogether!
The general therapy recommendation is:
I: Location of pain
O: Modulation mat on back Programs (following test): 911, 918, 133, 425/426 alternately This method often helps, but not always … Each patient has their own, individual pain and it is important to look more closely at this pain and talk to the patient about it.
• When did the pain first start?
• In what physical or emotional state is/was the patient?
• Is the pain the result of an accident, fall, stress, cramp or poor posture?
There can be a number of different causes of pain and these can be important in terms of the treatment administered.
A functional interference or organ-related disorder may radiate a pai...

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