In-vitro study of house dust mite allergy

Dra. Med. Linda Rahadian


House dust mite is a source of allergens that can cause allergies'. From the biophysical aspect, the occurrence of allergies in the human body is the result of the development of allergy imprinting which comes from human body contact with a substance; printing in the form of information of the substance. Repeated printing will make biophysical pulses that produce symptoms. Each allergen has traces of bioresonance patterns only from the appropriate allergens.2

The study is conducted with an experimental design to assess the impact of bioreso­nance of the electromagnetic waves on the changes in pro-inflammatory mediator pro­files (Interleukin 4 and 13) and anti-inflammatory mediator (Interleukin 10) which are produced by complete blood cell cultures drawn from subjects of Rhinitis Allergy caused by house dust mite (Type-1 Hypersensitivity).

Several clinical studies, such as Song Ki Min and Du Xia et al had shown improvement in clinical symp...

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