Improved quality of life through adjuvant tumour therapy

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover, Germany 
Dear colleagues,
Please look upon today’s lecture as an overview of the treatment of patients with tumours. It is intended to help you to consider a tumour patient just like any other seriously ill patient. I should like to present an approach which starts with the patient’s current situation by providing concomitant therapy and leads on to subsequent stabilisation and treatment of underlying problems.
I CANNOT go into the specific treatment of tumour tissue at this point as there is insufficient time in this lecture and it is not the aim of a 30-minute paper.
This means I would like to offer suggestions as to how to accompany the patient in his acute condition following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and subsequently possibly also to treat the disease’s “breeding ground”.
Our task primarily consists of performing structured concomitant therapy, which does justice to the holistic aspect, alongside conventional medical procedure...

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