Identifying and removing therapy blocks caused by radiation stress

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen
When we started to become heavily involved with treating allergies over ten years ago, we noticed with some patients that allergens which had been treated successfully reappeared after a few weeks. Following intensive investigation, we detected that two energetic blocks were responsible for this: scar interference fields and/or stress from electromagnetic radiation.
Our treatment immediately achieved better and more lasting results if we tested these interference factors on each patient and, if necessary, included them in our treatment program.
The following approach has proved effective over a number of years:
If our energetic diagnostic procedure detects "radiation stress" in a patient, we offer a detailed consultation advising geobiological examination. If the patient's workstation or place where they sleep has not been cleansed of harmful influences electrobiologically, the stress must be neutralised using special BICOMĀ® programs...

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