Horse programs – Respiratory problems & Joints

It is OK for the horses to have the “Gauss / Hertz” mats every day when they receive BICOM therapy.

Respiratory problems upon arrival: Avoid steroids, because they can suppress the immune system and cause a block for the BICOM therapy.

1 day prior to departure the horses need to have under the harness a chip that has been programmed with the following programs:

  • 101 basic
  • 127
  • 570 increasing the defence
  • 960
  • 422

They need to keep this chip until they arrive.

On site, those horses which still show fungi / respiratory problems, need the following protocol:

  • 101
  • 565
  • 570
  • clearing blocks
  • mycosis program 191 with CTT with horse at input
  • mycosis elimination 192 with CTT with horse at input

There is no general ulcer protocol possible, because ulcers can have different root causes, such as allergies, mites, parasites

Therapy time with horses vs. humans: For example program 570 takes longer with horses, but generally human programs are longer. There is no rule.

The Henneckes need to be contacted regarding kinesiology for harmonizing the horse before having different people riding them in a competition. It is also recommended to apply program 127 for harmonizing, while the horse is at the input and output

Protocols for affected leg joints:

  • Program for sport injuries
  • 911 pain
  • 922 tissue process, acute
  • joint program