Hormone replacement therapy during the menopause and with stress management

Dr. Michael Wagner, Specialist in General Medicine

Scientific knowledge gained from endocrinology and the rapid growth of knowledge in the field of neuroscience have opened up a range of treatment options that are very much aimed at positively influencing and/or healing diseases or symptoms that impact on quality of life.

The following comments can only give a glimpse of the complexity of this subject.

Symptoms of the menopause such as disturbed sleep, blood pressure variations, mood swings, nervousness, hot flushes and sweats, bring one in three women in this age group in Germany to a therapist. An immense number of people with a considerable level of suffering.

What does conventional medicine have to offer?

Not very much. It has been observed that gynaecologists, and in particular male collea­gues in this professional group, do not really take women's symptoms seriously. How could they either? Because of the low oestrogen production in men, they cannot know how women w...

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