HIV: Making life easier- prolonging life

Dagmar Siebert, Naturopath, Offenburg, Germany
Dear Congress delegates!
For the past twelve years I have been working with BICOMĀ® therapy in Offenburg alongside my husband who is a general practitioner.
He has been looking after HIV outpatients in the South Baden area for more than ten years. In recent years there has been an opportunity for me therefore to help look after HIV patients too, i.e. to ease or cure the secondary disorders of these patients using bioresonance therapy. And it is this work that I would like to talk to you about.
In Germany, naturopaths are not permitted to treat sexually transmitted diseases by law
- in our case it is the doctor treating the HIV. I can treat the side-effects of the drug medication, for example, and thus help to improve the patient's quality of life.
My first HIV patient was sent to me by a dentist. He was experiencing such inflammatory pain in his gums that he was unable to use his dentures and therefore was unable to eat properly. He w...

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