Hidden bacteria diagnosis and treatment of mycoplasma


Dear Colleges,

my name is Ron Havenaar, living in the south of Holland near Eindhoven, where I have my practice. I work with the BICOM since 2009 when my sister got breast cancer. At that time I got my degree in Natural Science at the Open University Netherlands, with a section of interest in Nutrition and Toxicology. Because I studied also acupuncture and electro-acupuncture since the 1980's I decided to buy an electro-acupuncture machine to help my sister. Not knowing what machine to buy I went to several intro­duction meetings and eventually got notice of the BICOM. One of the visitors said to me that he was an acupuncturist and was there to pick up his third BICOM® machine, because of the immense effectiveness of the treatments with that device. Every few years he had to organize an extra treatment room. So I did not hesitate any longer and immediately ordered a secondhand BICOM 2000 inclusive BICOMBICOMmultisoft® Pilot. A few years later I ordered my new BICOM ...

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