Hemopyrrollactamuria (HPU) a common metabolic disorder with far-reaching effects

Silke Nunner, Naturopath

Patients often come to our practices with so many health problems that we, as therapists, struggle to know where best to start treatment. They not only present with multiple allergies and food intolerances but also exhaustion, weakness, thyroid problems, infections and adverse effects from numerous chemicals and synthetic products. Women with menstrual problems or who are unable to conceive also often find their way to us.

Despite comprehensive therapy, treatment is unable to make definite progress and patients continue to feel their resilience is below par. And this despite the fact they have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When I looked into HPU more closely, I was able to establish this metabolic disorder as one of the underlying causes in this area.

The extensive range of symptoms displayed to widely varying degrees is probably attributable to the difference in individual people's metabolisms. As almost my entire family is affected by this metabol...

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