Gingivitis: an autoimmune disease using the example of a cat

Dr. med. vet. Jochen Becker, Tespe, Germany

Many of my colleagues who work with four- legged patients have already noticed that gingivitis in cats is on the increase. In my practice alone, gingivitis makes up about 10 percent of all feline disorders and the signs are that this trend is continuing to grow.
From a purely conventional medical perspective, various causes are invoked for this disease. The formation of plaque, for example, is named as the bacterial cause of gingivitis, as is so-called FORL (feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion), yet hormonal causes may also trigger gingivitis. Moreover, autoimmune disorders and viruses are discussed as possible causes of this inflammation of the oral cavity which is extremely painful for cats.

Gingivitis is frequently also associated with severe inflammation of the angle of the mandible, known in the technical jargon as faucitis. The universal view of conventional medicine is that this is the result of the cot be...

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