From the practice for the practice

Esther Röder, Naturopath, Hofbieber/Schwarzbach, Germany


Today I will present four different cases from my practice whereby patients were able to experience noticeable improvements after treatment(s) with the BICOM optima after a short amount of time.

Testing/treatment procedure

Determination of the energetic status, tensor test (printout in the RTI booklet)
...where is the limit of the person's body reached, where is the “congestion” most noticeable (specific questions for the best possible body therapy)
... what does my counterpart need here and now (intuition, gut feeling)
... find out the exact time for the body (tensor), when accompanying therapy can be used with various substances (e.g. Sanum-Kehlbeck, Kattwiga, Laves, Dr. Clark, Orthomol, Wala, Bach flowers ...)?
To what extent could BBC help?

1. Case study

Marie: 1 year old, neurodermatitis combined with extreme itching all over the body and pustular formation, sleepless nights with ...

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