Fears, worries, panic attacks – possibilities for effective testing and successful treatment

Torsten Hartmeier, Naturopath, Lübbecke, Germany
All of us are afraid sometimes. Fear can actually help protect us by alerting us to potentially dangerous situations. There are times, however, when fear runs amok and permanently disrupts our daily lives long term.
Take a moment and imagine what life would be like for anxiety sufferers if they were no longer anxious. It is not difficult for us as therapists to imagine that overcoming anxiety would significantly change the lives of anxiety patients for the better.

All of us have to face our fears at some point. How we deal with our fears determines whether we experience our lives as an exciting adventure or whether we are trapped in our fears.

The question is: Where do fears come from in the first place?
Neuroscientists claim that we humans are the most anxious creatures on the planet. This is because we can learn with our mind, think with it, and also create fear with it (in the amygdala).
Furthermore, these experts say that the an...

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