Extended application of nutrient points

Ori Wolff, MD, Orthopedic Specialist

From a scientific perspective, what are the nutrient points used in Sissi Karz's bioreso­nance therapy? Are they scientifically explicable, reproducible? Are there perhaps other nutrient points? Are there useful connections to other areas? Fundamentally, is there possibly a broader vision for the way in which bioresonance therapy works?

Here, it is useful to look at the system of NetzwerkMensch(NM) physiology (Network Human physiology). NM physiology is a body-mind-soul system in the form of a sys­tem analysis of the human being, which enables a type of work that uses the patient's resources. This physiology takes into account the body's self-organisation and self-regulation which automatically results in the integration of all bodily functions (from a theoretical point of view of modern mathematics - the mathematics of complexity, chance and chaos - the integration is thereby an attractor). In practice, NM physiology results in a structured d...

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