Experience of using bioresonance therapy in veterinary practice

Dr. med. vet. Claudia Goebbels, Veterinary Practitioner, Munich

Dear colleagues,
It was my own case history which brought me to bioresonance. As a small child I was plagued by allergies which unfortunately got visibly worse as the years went on; so bad that, during the final years of my studies, I had to take cortisone continuously as I could no longer tolerate being near living animals. So I was forced to carry out my doctoral thesis in the abattoir and, as I could not resign myself to spend the rest of my working life in the food sector, I decided to give alternative medicine, which until then I had dismissed, a chance. That is how I came to bioresonance. Once all my allergies to animal hair had been cured, I decided that this outstanding method which is painfree and has no side effects, a very important consideration in veterinary medicine, should also be used to benefit animals, as without it I would never have been able to work in my dream job.
I have now been t...

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