Events in the invisible realm. An approach to explaining holistic biology theory

Dr med. dent. Helmut Huf

Chronic diseases have been on the increase for years. Conventional medicine has so far proved powerless to diagnose and treat the cause of these conditions. With ever greater frequency we find that explanatory models rooted in the natural sciences have their limitations since diseases rarely develop in textbook fashion. Consequently new ideas are urgently needed. We must abandon the customary way of thinking to get to grips with this problem.

Despite the fact that biological systems are always subject to cybernetic controls, a cybernetic approach is rarely considered when diagnosing and treating medical conditions. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the human body, we need to recognise dynamic processes.A growing number of therapists are therefore looking more closely at the findings of modern physics whereby all matter consists of waves (oscillations) and can be modified through information.

Simple cause-effect relationships are ...

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