Epstein-Barr-Virus in the Context of Chronic Diseases

Infection by the Epstein-Barr virus and resulting Mononucleosis (glandular fever) can trigger
a whole range of metabolic and immune systems disorders, even after acute symptoms have
resolved (e.g. high fever, angina, headache, lymph node swelling).

Symptoms such as frequent tiredness, intestinal problems and migraine-like headaches can
occur, even if these symptoms were not associated with the original illness. Food
intolerances and allergies may also occur, which might prove difficult to treat adequately,
even with bioresonance.

The Epstein-Barr virus is a DNA virus and belongs to the family of gamma-herpes viruses.
Like other herpes viruses, the Epstein-Barr virus can still persist in the tissue after the acute infection has healed and can be reactivated if the immune system is weakened. The Epstein-Barr virus can be detected in around 95% of all Europeans above the age of 30.

Virus exposure therapy

Therapy can be carried out using the “Gamma herpes Viruses” ampoule from the CTT Test
Kit “Viruses/Fungi” or with the CTT digital. A digitised ampoule of the Epstein-Barr virus can
also be found in the BICOMmultisoft® Test.

Programs 978.1 “Strain, exposure to pathogens”, 996.0 “Virus therapy” and CTT program
197.0 are used regularly as standard programs. Ideally, the amplification and therapy time
should be tested, also the adjustment to Di and H+Di has proven to be successful.

Tips according to Dr. Hennecke/Maquinay

According to Dr. Hennecke/Maquinay, the single frequencies of 25 kHz or 5.2 Hz are very
effective in the context of virus exposure. They recommend the following programs:

“Virus 1”: Di, 25 kHz, descending amplification sweep in 12 secs, 8 mins

“Virus 2”: Di, 5.2 Hz, descending amplification sweep in 24 secs, 8 mins.

These programs can be used in succession within the same session. As a rule, 2-3 sessions, 1-
2 times per week are necessary. Useful pre-programs are the programs for thymus
activation, 428.2 and 3108.0.

Channel 2: CTT ampoules “Anti-Virus” and “Interferon” from the Test Kit “Viruses/Fungi” can
be used and in addition ampoules “Liver”, “Lymph”, “Spleen” from the Test Kit “5 Elements”
(after testing).

Attention: The substance complex “Epstein-Barr Virus” should not be combined with the
above mentioned programs. It can though be combined with other symptom-related

The “Virus 2” program is saved in the new BICOM optima (Models B32, B34, BM34) as
program 3447.0 “Virus therapy.” In addition the program chains 10325 “Pathogen Ai” and
10326 “Pathogen Di” are saved and can be used without testing. They achieve their
effectiveness by running through all amplification and frequencies (Adey window).