Epilepsy in childhood

Dr. Sinon Akkurt, lzmir, Turkey

Dear colleagues,
Dear bioresonance friends,
My BICOM® bioresonance adventure which started about 5 years ago is very interesting and continues to surprise me every day. Within this period a smoking representative told me how he had stopped smoking with the help of BICOM® bioresonance. Beginning with the smoking treatment, I eventually started applying the treatment in many different diseases. I have experienced countless times that the BICOM® bioresonance method knows no bounds in medicine and can be used in all areas for all kinds of diseases, with mind at peace. Now, when a patient comes for any disease, I can easily accept him, because I am sure that I can help him with BICOM® bioresonance
In lzmir, in the west of Turkey, I have  my own clinic. Before I was working both in governmental institutions and in my private clinic, but now, with the BICOM®, I have been working in my private clinic for 2 years. My working field is often the chronic disea...

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